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A new approach
to O&M


We provide experience, expertise, a total dedication to the highest service levels and an industry leading approach to transparent, real-time reporting.

We are able to cost efficiently provide the optimal level of O&M resources to manage and mitigate the risks and maximise the returns from your assets.

A new transparent

Experience led in-house surveying, analysis and strategic planning

Centralised management, logistics and reporting

Managed contracted

partners distributed

throughout the UK

Total Optimisation

Optimising PV yield through effective O&M takes a full appreciation of the factors that will achieve best output of the asset, a total understanding of the technology and the associated 

maintenance requirements.

Experience Led


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Full analysis of the PV plant and its surroundings

Enhanced understanding of the risks allows for optimal and accurate provisioning of the maintenance schedule that will mitigate these risks.


Proactive Pattern Recognition

Monitored data will trigger the reactive maintenance events that are required. We use this data to identify patterns and continuously enhance the predictive and planned maintenance schedules.

Workers with solutions of all-inorganic

Fast, Agile and Efficiently Managed Maintenance

Our core in-house team of engineers, supported by our contractors use data models to predict the need for spare parts which are held in readiness, at optimal stock levels. Resulting in cost-effective and fast incident response time.


Full Audit Trail

We provide a best in industry maintenance workflow and reporting. This highly systemised approach gives total visibility and control, through the real-time capture of photographic evidence. Speeding up fault diagnosis, providing proof of the remedial action that has been taken and ensures there is full visibility and transparency at all times.



Our goal is to reduce the material requirements of PV O&M by using a ‘repair-not-replace’ approach, achieved through an enhanced understanding of the technology. We will also ensure that your asset works in harmony with the surrounding eco-system and manage the relationship with its neighbours. 


500 MW




850 MW


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560 MW

A total commitment

to our clients: We will maximise the efficiency of your asset

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Health & Safety

We will avoid all accidents; protect ours and our client’s teams, through best in industry Health & Safety practices and methodology.

Health & Safety

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We provide a totally open overview of how we achieve our industry leading efficiency, agility and cost saving.

Honesty & Transparency

Honesty & Transparency

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We have the expertise & experience, at all levels of our business, to be able to fully understand your asset and proactively deliver the optimal O&M.




We will uphold all operational and contractual obligations and ensure they are communicated across our teams and adhered to at all times.

We are dedicated to the quality of our service and its continuous improvement. 

Uphold Service Levels

Uphold Service Levels

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We will agree and uphold an environmental policy and proactively seek to identify opportunities to improve upon it.


We will provide the software, expertise and workflow to deliver real-time data, analyse the results and provide meaningful and efficient MI that will allow your organisation to make accurate business decisions.

Management Information

Management Information

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We will provide a single point of contact, we will communicate in a timely and accurate way and we will meet or exceed all agreements that we make with you.

Customer Service

Customer Service

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