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With over 20 years in UK PV, your assets are in safe hands

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Analyzing Graphs



Financial Analyst

Accurate Risk


Investment Chart



Experience led in-house surveying, analysis and strategic planning

Standardised SGU workflow

Standardised reporting received from contract



Automated consolidation, SLA conformance and issue flagging


Centralised reporting analysis

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Data collection and auditable performance evaluation of plant equipment

Provision of reporting or customisable data transfer format

Real-time performance identification and ticket creation

Energy and power measurements and power quality analysis

Replacement Parts

Lifecycle analysis and risk model created for each component part

We assess the risks to hardware, specifically for the topographic context of each PV site, the theoretical component lifecycle stage and the actual physical condition of all plant equipment and component parts.

Strategic procurement of replacement parts to ensure optimum availability according to risk of failure

We build a lifecycle risk model for the installed component parts and this in turn indicates the spare procurement and availability plan that we create.

Centralised storage and responsive distribution

to our teams

We set-out procurement, storage and logistical Service Level Agreement to ensure the cost and the operation risk levels are balanced and at the optimum level.

Optimum balance between speed of delivery, risk mitigation and cost efficiency

Our procurement strategy leverages the economy of scale we can provide from the aggregated procurement on behalf of multiple clients. We seek to manage advantageous spares supply relationships that already exist and absorb these into the management plan.

Customisable Services

Remote Monitoring

Maintenance and Repair Management

Onboarding New SItes

Themography Auditing

EPC Builds

Certified LV & HV Services

Site Surveys and Punch Lists

CCTV and Site Security

Periodic Inspections

Grass Cutting and Grounds Maintenance

Module Cleaning

Networking & Scada Communication Systems


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