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Solar Encapsulation Project takes a giant leap forward

BY DARREN LEWIS | 01-04-21

German researchers looking at new ways to harness the sun’s energy have made a serious breakthrough in their investigations.

The project, named ‘CapriSolar’ takes inspiration from TOtable Tornado Observatory or TOTO. TOTO was designed to release hundreds of sensors into the centre of a tornado and send the data back to the weather researchers on the ground.

This has led to scientists developing heat proof sensors, launched from earth to encapsulate solar flares and bring them back down to earth - meaning the sun’s energy no longer has to travel so far

Groundbreaking scientist Professor Herbett Fien from the University of Fachhochschulen, Germany who leads the team 'The Weather Information and Solar Technology Energy Residents', discovered the technology whilst studying at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, and realised the technology could be pushed much, much further.

Professor Fien says “The TWISTER team has made a very exciting breakthrough. CapriSolar clearly has the potential to create significant amounts of power by simply encapsulating the sun directly, which no-one has ever thought of, or managed before”. and cost

The first heatproof encapsulation pods are due to launch in September this year once international travel is once again allowed.

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