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Protecting the Environment: Repair, not-replace


Solar power is an increasingly popular choice for clean energy production, with the potential to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. However, like any technology, components within solar farms require maintenance and repairs over time to ensure they continue functioning at optimal levels. This maintenance often involves replacing damaged or faulty components, which can lead to increased material requirements and waste.

Here at Solar Group Utilities, we have developed a unique approach to PV O&M that prioritises sustainability and responsible resource management. Our ‘repair-not-replace’ approach aims to reduce material requirements and waste while enhancing the technology’s understanding.

Our team of experts has an enhanced understanding of the technology, which allows us to identify the root cause of issues and develop targeted solutions to repair damaged or faulty components. By repairing rather than replacing, we reduce material requirements and waste, while also improving the longevity and efficiency of the components.

But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond reducing material requirements and waste. We also prioritise ensuring that solar assets work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem and manage relationships with neighbours. We recognise that solar farms are often installed in natural environments and their operation can impact local flora and fauna. That's why we work with experts in environmental management to design and operate solar assets in ways that minimise their impact on the environment while still producing clean energy.

Additionally, we understand the importance of community relations when it comes to solar installations. We work with neighbours and community members to ensure that solar assets are operated in ways that are respectful of local customs and preferences. This approach helps to build positive relationships between solar operators and the surrounding community, which can lead to increased support for solar energy production and a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, our ‘repair-not-replace’ approach to PV O&M represents a significant step forward in the development of sustainable solar energy production. We believe that as we continue to transition to clean energy production, it’s crucial that we prioritise sustainability and responsible resource management. Our approach is a shining example of how this can be achieved.

If you'd like to find out more about optimising your solar PV yield through effective O&M - then we're ready to talk.


Managing Director

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Darren is responsible for all operational aspects of our service provision. This includes, site survey, workflow, training and the assessment, onboarding and development of our contract partners. With 20 Years in Electrical Installation and PV, there is huge amount of industry change that he has been an integral part of and his approach is that every day brings a new opportunity for further process improvement.

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We have a proven O&M solution that has been supporting the industry as a hidden partner for over 20 years, combined with a the revolutionary workflow that we have developed and an agile UK wide team of O&M Engineers.​

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