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Our top 5 solar and renewable energy stories from 2020

BY DARREN LEWIS | 06-01-21

Join us as we share our top 5 solar and renewable energy stories from 2020.

2020 saw our world turned upside down in more ways that we ever could have known, but it wasn't all bad. You could say 2020 was the year solar reigned supreme.

We cover our top 5 solar stories that you may have missed.

No | 5

Boris Johnson plans to power all homes with wind by 2030

Ah, Boris. We can’t seem to escape him at the moment. But whatever your thoughts, he is making major waves to make the UK a leading superpower in low cost green energy with his 'Build Back Greener' drive. The announcement came at the virtual Conservatory party conference in November where he confirmed that the Government has increased its 2030 target for installed offshore wind capacity to 40GW, in what will be a massive push to meet the UK's climate targets which will hope to see the creation of thousands of jobs.

No | 4

The UK’s welcomed its first electric forecourt

September saw the announcement of the UK’s first electric forecourt in Braintree, Essex. Aiming to become operational in November. Gridserve, a sustainable energy firm has planned for over 100 sites over the next 5 years for what they have labelled as ‘sun to wheel’. The super fast charging ports will allow electric car drivers to charge up to 200 miles (350kw) in just 20 minutes. The perfect amount of time to be able to nab yourself some super fast Wi-Fi, grab a coffee or newspaper from one of the many high street chains we all know and love including, WH Smith, Booths, Costa Coffee and Post Office.

But that’s not all - they plan for business meeting pods, a play centre for children and even a wellbeing area where you can generate electricity on exercise bikes.

No | 3

African software developer leads the way to affordable pay-as-you-go electricity

Supplying affordable, accessible electricity for low income households has always been difficult, but thanks to the rapidly falling price of solar panels, device metering technology and scalable payments means that the cost of initial outlay is now widely affordable. This is all thanks to tech start-up Angaza and their partnership with KawiSafi Ventures, an East Africa-based energy impact fund who have created the technology for solar power companies to offer a much needed pay-as-you-go service.

and cost saving

No | 2

Sol is now produced using solar energy

Heineken announced in November that Sol is now brewed using 100% renewable energy from the sun (couldn’t have been wind power, could it?). Sol’s ‘sun ray’ branding steps out on it’s own as the company confirmed that 9,212 solar panels at their brewery in Zoeterwoude, Netherlands is helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. So now you can quite literally ‘taste the sun’ in Heineken’s sustainable development strategy, Brewing a Better World.

No | 1

Three wheeled solar car opens its books for orders

We were thrilled to hear the announcement of Aptera Motors books opening for pre-orders of its three wheeled solar electric car. The lightweight vehicle will allow you to drive a whopping 1,600 km on one charge. Expected acceleration speeds will allow you to get from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds with the top speed estimated at 110mph. All for a refundable deposit of $100. We foresee a move to the US to get our hands on one.

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