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Our story

Do you ever get frustrated when you know there is a better way, when your experience tells you that money is being wasted and if a different process was followed things could be much better?

We did...


We have been a hidden partner, providing contracted O&M services to the industry for over 20 years, and we saw an opportunity for more accurate and transparent reporting, and audit trails that could leverage technology and connectivity to provide accountability across a nationally distributed team of engineers and maintenance workers.

Our experience also taught us that the UK is very different than a lot of the rest of Europe and we have seen first hand that a lot of PV installation has not been optimised for this climate. 

We knew that we could more accurately analyse and understand the risks to output and deliver an O&M solution that was far more accurately provisioned and better optimised, if we did the initial analysis of the site.


We ultimately knew we could mitigate the risks at a lower cost to the Asset Manager.

We have a proven O&M solution that has been supporting the industry for over 20 years, combined with a the revolutionary workflow that we have developed and an agile UK wide team of O&M Engineers.

We have grown our service and team to be able to provide Assess Managers with a refreshing new, lower cost approach to O&M.

We would love to tell you more!

Our Story
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the environment

Our goal is to reduce to the material requirement of PV O&M by using a ‘repair-not-replace’ approach, achieved through an enhanced understanding of the technology.  

We will ensure that your asset works in harmony with the surrounding eco-system and manage the relationship with its neighbours. 

Working with expert partners, we will deliver a proactive strategy to identify new opportunities, to lower the assets impact on the environment and look to exploit the land it sits on for a positive ecological contribution, with zero risk to the plant’s output.

Protecting the Environment
The team

Darren Lewis

Operations Director

Darren is responsible for all operational aspects of our service provision. This includes, site survey, workflow, training and the assessment, onboarding and development of our contract partners. With 20 Years in Electrical Installation and PV, there is huge amount of industry change that he has been an integral part of and his approach is that every day brings a new opportunity for further process improvement.


Stuart Spiers

Technical Director

Stuart has direct responsibility for all technical, including, monitoring, reporting, analysis, inspections and testing. Stuart has a diverse background that spans over 20 years in PV and Renewable and Project Management across large scale commercial construction, demolition and water supply.


Ashley Scott

Business Development

The way we engage with and understand new client partners is critical for an efficient and successful implementation.  Ashley brings over 18 years project management experience with the implementation of large scale Business Process Outsource Contracts and Enterprise Software for Global Organisations, to ensure we are equipped to provide this.


Richard Harrison

HR & Communications

Richard ensures that our agile service provision is constantly maintained through the strategic management of our existing team and the continuous recruitment, onboarding and training of new partners.  Richard is passionate about the way we build and maintain the Solar Group culture with our contract partners to ensure our core values are upheld.


Hannah Allen

Digital & Creative

Hannah looks after the way we communicate our ideas and developments to our partners and the wider industry. With 10 years agency background she helps us support our customers with key stakeholder communications for environmental projects and other CSR news linked to our service provision.

The Team

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Due diligence on asset handover


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Making a meaningful environmental strategy for your assets

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Saving money in maintenance without introducing risk


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