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Image by Annie Spratt
Bee part of the journey

We understand the importance of family and safeguarding security for their future. As such, solar farms present an excellent opportunity for biodiversity

Habitat enhancement is achieved by creating different habitats within a solar farm, including hedgerows, field margins, wildflower meadows, nectar-rich areas, winter bird crops, and many others. 

Wildflower meadows are species-rich grassland composed of wildflowers and fine grasses which can support a wide range of invertebrates, small mammals, reptiles, and birds. These can be sown beneath the array and requires only cutting or grazing at intervals through the year, with the timing dependent upon management goals. As a rule, a hay cut in July or August followed by grazing until Christmas is recommended. It is advisable to stop or reduce grazing through the summer to allow wildflowers to flower and set seed.

What's in
your pack?

  • Emergency sugar (just add water) to revive tired bees

  • Wildflower  seeds to encourage bees into your garden

  • A badge to.....bee part of our joruney

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Bee SOS packs
Flower seeds planted
Being part of the journey
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